Translation status for proposed modules

I've added a "proposed" section to the GNOME 2.9/2.10 translation status
pages that the translators use ( It may not be there yet, but
in that case it should show up in a few hours at least, when the status
pages are regenerated.

The purpose of this is to give translators the ability to easily track
the translation status for their language w.r.t. to these proposed
modules. Also, we want to get feedback from some translators that want
to try to start translating these proposed modules.

Proposed modules that are in GNOME CVS and support translation
(more testing needed though):
gnome-backgrounds, gnome-doc-utils, gnome-keyring-manager, gnome-menus,
gnome-schedule, goobox, gwget, libgnomesu, nautilus-sendto, totem

Proposed modules that are in GNOME CVS but lack translation support,
but that seem to would need such support:

Obviously, we haven't been able to add gnome-user-share to the
translation status pages yet. Any plans on how and when translation
support for this module is to be added would be much appreciated.

However, some proposed modules are *not even hosted* in GNOME CVS, which
also makes this status tracking not possible. Also, GNOME translators
will have no easy way to translate these modules.
I'd strongly encourage all maintainers of proposed modules to try to
move to GNOME CVS as soon as possible if you're serious about the
proposal, so that translation efforts and documentation efforts can
start, and testing can begin. You will most likely benefit from this
move even if your application wouldn't later be accepted into the
official GNOME release.

Also, any proposed module not hosted in GNOME CVS isn't likely to get
much attention at all from the GNOME translators (for good technical,
access, and tracking reasons), so if you want to have the GNOME
translators evaluate your module and give their support for its
inclusion, then you would probably want to consider moving to GNOME CVS
soonish. With the current situation, I couldn't possibly recommend any
of the following modules be included in the official GNOME release. :-(

Proposed modules with content that needs translation,
but that aren't in GNOME CVS:
GNOME War Pad (gwp), polypaudio, galago

Proposed modules with unknown location and unknown translateable


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