Re: Font Capplet, Font Applet...

A document font seems useful, and there seems to be agreement about that.

However, we already have some font/a11y problems, since themes do not
currently affect fonts (except for "application font" via the unloved "Apply Font" button).

While we're changing this stuff I'd like to improve the situation instead of just adding one more font setting that "large print" users will have to tweak, and removing gconf keys that largeprint users will have written gconftool scripts to modify ;-).

I do agree that the Window Title font should remain in the capplet.

I like the idea of a font applet that allows making all the desktop fonts bigger/smaller at will. This would presumably be just right for many users (who want all fonts bigger or smaller), and of course we should preserve the fine controls for users who want to tweak individual font settings. Perhaps there's a way we could tie this into the theme engines too, so that a theme could (temporarily) modify all font settings in a relative way... this might even allow us to do away with the evil 'apply font' button since switching themes could remove the (+2)
or whatever relative size modification we might use for this.

Just adding another font type and changing the backend just makes the a11y situation messier,
maybe we can make it much nicer...

- Bill

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