Re: New window placement (was: Re: Focus stealing prevention)

From: uws <uws xs4all nl>

> The case I was thinking of was:
> - Start an application using a keyboard shortcut (I tend to use meta-[qwert]
>   for menu, web browser, nautilus, run dialog and terminal)
> - Hit the key combo again because you didn't see the terminal window popping
>   up on my secondary monitor.
> Now I end up with two terminals windows :(
> So, the question is: What to do with new windows that don't have a parent
> window? I think we have two choices:
> 1. Same monitor as the mouse pointer
> 2. Same monitor as the current activated window
> I think option 2 is the best choice. If no window was active, metacity could
> use option 1.

I would like choice 3 - include functionality equivalent to devilspie
(or that program), which would permit more finely tuned window
placement and behavior options.

With Devil's Pie, one can indicate whether they want an application's
window to go to a specific workspace on a specific monitor and perhaps,
with appropriate attention, even which monitor display.  One can also
with newer versions, specify things like geometry information, etc.

So one could configure some windows to 'stay put' on the current
workspace and monitor, while others get shipped off elsewhere.
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