Re: Trash applet and Trash icon: d'n'd

Le dimanche 05 d�mbre 2004 �6:31 +0100, Luca Ferretti a �it :
>         Clock: each instance could show time and date for a different
>         timezone. Unfortunately by now it's not possible :-([1]

> So the philosophy is: "Don't prevent user to add a second applet, but
> warn him if the second instance could not be useful." 

I'm not fond of adding a dialog that pops up like this when I add an
applet that should have only one instance.

Isn't the user intelligent enough to determine if a second instance
might be useful for him? I mean, if he adds a second instance of the
trash applet and then finds out that it's useless, he'll remove it. I'm
not sure adding a dialog is that useful in this case.


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