Re: ARC & GNOME [Was: How we make decisions...]

Mike Hearn (mike navi cx):

> On Thu, 02 Dec 2004 15:23:16 -0800, Ed Hunter wrote:
> > I'd like to spend some time trying to classify/understand the types
> > of issues you all run into.  Is there someone who could give me some
> > history on problems that the community has run into in terms of
> > compatibility between components in the last six months to a year
> > say?
> - Ongoing menus b0rkage
> - File associations changes

  Hope these are useful.  I'll add to Mike's list some of the
interesting GNOME compatibility issues we've seen recently in Eclipse.

  1. pkg-config often brings in libraries which you don't use, which can
     break binaries when they disappear.

     - Using `pkg-config --libs libgnome-2.0` on GNOME 2.2 brings in
       liblinc, which is gone on GNOME 2.4 and up.

     - libpangoxft was optional in GNOME 2.2 and below.

  2. "There is a single unambiguous way to detect if there currently is
     a GNOME compliant Window Manager running."

     This document says you can depend on _WIN_SUPPORTING_WM_CHECK,
     This is no longer set on newer GNOME versions, and broke Eclipse's
     GNOME integration.  Announcing supported spec versions and ensuring
     they are backwards compatible might be useful here.

  3. The MIME type stuff is changing, but I don't know if the migration
     plan is clear for applications.

  4. Themes tend to break things in unknown ways.  I don't know how to
     approach this problem from a compatibility standpoint, besides
     having more themes to test against, and having good test suites for
     theme designers.

        gtk-qt theme crashes Eclipse

        KDE colour bug

        button size problem


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