Re: Proposal: gnome-user-share

Alexander Larsson wrote:

1. Public folder vs share-this-folder

There are two major use cases for accessing files over the

The first use case is wanting to copy a file from one user on
one machine to another user on another machine. Historically this has
been done by copying the file to a floppy, moving the floppy to the
other machine and copying it to the harddisk there. Another option
theese days is to mail the file, but this is not always sensible, mail
might not be set up, you might have no, or a slow internet connection
etc. Really, "File sharing" is not the ideal name for this, perhaps it
should be called "network file transfering".

However, this use case would be much better solved by getting a list of people in the neighbourhood and click send file to. Than to add it to a shared folder for everyone around to see.

For example I'm planning to add to Gossip so that you can see and talk to people with on the same net without having to connect to a server to do so. Also sending a file to one of them should be supported. This would for example be a better solution for this use case.

So I think that this sharing of files should be more targetted against the second use case. Ie. you want to share some files for a longer period with more people than to do a

1) Add file to shared folder
2) Tell the other user that he can now retrieve it and what the name is.
3) User downloads
4) Tells you that it's downloaded
5) Remove the file.

Also, this telling will probably be done through some kind of instant messaging (unless you sit in the same room).

*However* I think that having a shared folder where you copy things into is better than sharing folder a'la windows anyway. We could also have a "Share this file" that automatically copies the file to the Shared directory (or creates a symlink to it in case we want to support symlinks out of the shared folder).

Just something to consider,
  Mikael Hallendal

The second use case is setting up a network file share so that several
people can work on the same set of files (or sometimes so that the
same person can access it from several machines). Often you set up a
folder for some specific project, or for a specific type of
documents. The files are generally on a server-style machine which is
always on, is commonly backuped automatically and the shares support
things like ownership of files and access rights. This form of network
file access can more correctly be described as "file sharing".

Imendio AB,

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