Re: Proposal: gnome-user-share

On Wed, 01 Dec 2004 18:31:00 -0800, Ken Harris <ken bitpoetry com> wrote:
> Also, if you have ~/Public/Drop Box/, there's an easy, standard place
> for other people to give you stuff.  I know people who, if they saw
> this, would say "a-ha! that's neat, I can use that", but if a drop-box
> wasn't provided, they wouldn't realize that they could set up such a
> folder, much less figure it out themselves.

Having a rw dropbox is an interesting idea.
> (Note, I'm not saying that you shouldn't also be allowed to share other
> folders.  I haven't actually made up my mind on that yet.  But even if
> you do, making this automatic will help out lots of people who don't
> want to muck around with per-folder sharing options.)

What about the vfolder shared:/// or public:/// idea, that way you
could share multiple folders and still have a central place to check
and say "oops, need to hide that one now".  It gets away from
translatable on-disk names too.


Brian Skahan

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