Re: NetworkManager

Mike Hearn wrote:
Okay. One other thing, I'm a bit confused about the relationship between
NetworkManager and the recently (blog) announced netapplet from Novell.
Is there a plan for linking these two together? Does that even make
sense? Do they duplicate anything?

Amongst other things, the Ximian guys designed the netapplet to work inside the notification area instead of being a panel applet. This means that it should also work under KDE, which is what Novell's distro, SuSe, has most of its user base using.

I've tried both, and I don't know about how the NetworkManager will do things, but currently the netapplet saves things like WEP keys inside the Gnome keyring. On the other hand, NetworkApplet uses DBUS/HAL, which is the way to go these days.

At the moment, NetworkManager seems a little less complete to me, but I'm sure it will get there soon. Currently, both are glitchy on any distribution the maintainers do not run.

I don't think the projects would combine very well, though they both use the design of a daemon/client model.

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