Re: NetworkManager

Matt Jones <mattharrison sbcglobal net> writes:

> > The user experience we have been aiming for is electrical outlet: you
> > plug in and its on. For example, when I drop my laptop into its dock the
> > link is detected, DHCP information is fetched, and the network is
> > automatically moved to the wired device ASAP. If I unplug it immediately
> > associates with the "best" wireless network (determined by what I've
> > used it in the past, if it uses WEP, if I have a key stored for it, and
> > signal strength). 
> Just wanted to check - what happens when you can't get signal strength?
> (I'm using ndiswrapper for my intel 2200BG, so I don't get signal
> strength readout). Does it just ignore that part of the heuristic?
> Sounds amazing, though. Thanks for all the great work.

Picking a wireless network fundamentally involves user interaction.
Signal strength is a poor heuristic to pick a network by (as a strong
signal says nothing about the overall quality of the network).  I
believe it only uses signal strength as a tiebreaker if everything else
is the same.


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