Re: nautilus hacking (question)


On Tue, 2004-08-17 at 11:39 +0200, Daniel Godas Lopez wrote:
> hi, i was just playing with nautilus' source and wanted to add some eye
> candy to it but then a problem appeared :o

Nautilus related discussion should take place on nautilus-list.

> What should i do? do i send the two patches? do i send one to each
> maintainer (1 to nautilus 1 to eel)? do i send both to nautilus maintainers? 

eel is the Eazel Extension Library (or something like that). Eazel were
the company that started nautilus, and as such eel is very much tied
into nautilus. Therefore it's not so much of a problem if you want to
add features to eel to use them in nautilus.


Davyd Madeley
Systems Engineer, Bridgeway Consulting
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