Why gnome-system-tools aren't included yet [Was: Re: new modules consensus]


Mark McLoughlin <markmc redhat com> wrote:
> [...]
> There is talk about including the Time and Users in control-center, but
> I think its too late in this release cycle for those kind of changes.

Why gnome-release team doesn't include gnome-system-tools, because it is too 
late? I've heard this opinion for 3 times - first, when gnome-system-tools were 
proposed to be included in gnome 2.4, second time for gnome 2.6 and now :(
(look at
http://mail.gnome.org/archives/desktop-devel-list/2004-February/msg00221.html )

Some of the developers said "The release-team won't make a decision for 
you, it just does what the community seems to want." Community *really* 
wants system tools to be included - look at the pool in gnomedesktop.org 
( http://www.gnomedesktop.org/pollBooth.php?op=results&pollID=52 ) or
search gnome-devel mailing list - there were lots of emails from
community which wants gnome-system-tools to be included in gnome 2.4
and later 2.6

It seems the problem is, that some developers use redhat and never use
gnome-system-tools (maybe because redhat already contains tools for
these tasks). But Gnome != Redhat, so, please include at least part of
these tools - it seems all agree, that gnome should contain tools for
Users management and Date/Time changing (KDE included date/time and user
management tools more than 3 years ago...), so why don't simply to include
these tools ? Now GNOME is a desktop-environment, in which user can't
even change date or time... It sounds not user-friendly, right ?
All requirements for including (mentioned in letters above)
are done - gnome-system-tools are HIG compliant, they have documentation,
they work not only on various Linux distributions, but also on other unix
systems, like FreeBSD, they are already translated to ~50 languages, etc.

Also the clock applet from gnome-panel already needs time changing tool from
g-s-t (press right mouse button on the clock in the gnome-panel and you'll see :) )

We can make a simple pool - is someone agains including Users management
and Date/Time changing tools in gnome 2.8. If someone is agains, then he
should try the latest version from CVS (not 0.90, because CVS version contains
one important Users-admin usability improvement - now the checkbox 
"Show all users and groups" is turned off as default) and if he is still agains 
including - he can write his oppinion why don't to include. 
I'm 99% sure, that after trying nobody will be agains including :)

Btw, only few users will use vino or gnome-nettool comparing with Date/Time,
Network or Users management tools, it seems this is one more argument
for the inclusion :)

Good luck,
Mantas Kriaučiūnas <mantas akl lt>      Jabber ID: mantas akl lt
Public organization "Open Source for Lithuania" - www.akl.lt

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