gnome-volume-manager 0.9.8

On Thu, 2004-08-12 at 12:33 -0400, Robert Love wrote:

> >      Concerns about what happens with a 2.4 kernel, agreement that it 
> >      should be resolved before inclusion. Has it?
> Not entirely.  I will try and polish it this week and check it in.
> Nothing bad happens now, but I want to have the daemon exit cleanly.

I just released g-v-m 0.9.8:

This is the "Christian Rose is a Cool Cat" release, as he helped me fix
my m.g.o account and finally get out a new g-v-m release.

The concern over behavior on pre-2.6 kernels has been addressed.  The
manager will now exit cleanly if hald is not fully operational.
Likewise, the capplet will not load in such a scenario, but will instead
display an informative dialog box.  Since hald terminates if sysfs is
not mounted, this provides good behavior on pre-2.6 kernels.

This satisfies the only remaining requirements for inclusion in GNOME

Also, this release adds optional automatic opening of Nautilus on new
media, as Mac OS X does.


	Robert Love

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