Re: What happened to the software map?

On 12/08/04 18:43, Kevin Francis wrote:

I visited the software map for the first time in a long while, and was
shocked to find it redirecting to

How does that possibly fit with GNOME's goal of being user-friendly? I
can't imagine people from the linux channel I frequent using that list,
let alone the average user. It's a scary, long, and complicated list of
software. Many items there are old, the info is old, or the screenshots
are old (look at Galeon, the first thing you see when hitting that

Whats going on with it? Is there no one available to put it up again? Is
help needed?

The Gnome servers were broken into back in March, and the attacker got in via an insecure PHP script. All PHP was disabled when the system was brought back up, pending an audit of the PHP scripts. No one has done an audit of the software map code, so it is not online.


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