How to get rid of kalarm AND promote zenity plus good tool usage

Just seen the following conversation on IRC (#gnome channel):

<shaunm_> how do I get rid of kalarm
<shaunm_> oh wily little kalarmd
<pycage> #! /bin/sh
<pycage>                                                                                <pycage> TIMEOUT=$(zenity --entry --text="Enter timeout:" --entry-text="3m")
<pycage> sleep $TIMEOUT
<pycage> zenity --info --text="Alarm!"

In my opinion this tiny script suggested by psydave should be included
into the very next release of the GNOME Desktop, because:

1) It prevents people from asking for some kalarm replacement
2) Promotes zenity
3) Demonstrates how to solve such trivial tasks

--> snip: the script in plain text --> ---------------------------------

# Some tiny script simulating kalarm and promoting zenity
# Author: psydave

TIMEOUT=$(zenity --entry --text="Enter timeout:" --entry-text="3m")
sleep $TIMEOUT
zenity --info --text="Alarm!"

Mathias Hasselmann <mathias hasselmann gmx de>

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