GtkHTML 3.3.0

With the permission of Radek, I've gone ahead and created a
gtkhtml-3.3.0 release and uploaded it to

The difference between this version and the gtkhtml-3.1.x
development versions is that it depends on libgnomeprint-2.7
and uses Pango for rendering to the printer as well as to the
screen. This allows correct printing of Indic languages, Thai
and so forth, though not yet right-to-left languages like Hebrew 
or Arabic.

It should be noted that:

 - The 3.3.x releases will NOT be part of GNOME-2.8 or the 
   next release of Evolution. If you want to be part of the
   official testing for either of those, use a 3.1.x release
   of GtkHTML.

 - If you file bugs when using this release, please clearly
   note the version number and add otaylor redhat com
   to the Cc: line.

But if you have an interest in using GtkHTML or Evolution with
languages that don't currently print correctly, testing would
be very much appreciated.


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