Re: Copyright assignment

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 --- Christoffer Olsen <co deworks net> wrote: 
> I would have no problems assigning copyright to the Foundation for my
> GNOME work, but I'd like to see a clause in the assignment that tells me
> that the Foundation must distribute this code under the terms of the GPL
> (or the licence that applies to the module contributed to), and failure
> to do so removes the Foundation's right to copy the code.

Well... The lower something is in the stack themore we care about it, so the parts
we care about most are the platform and all of that is LGPL. 

> Now, the only problem is that copyright assignment creates a lot of
> paperwork, but hopefully an assignment can be signed once, and stay
> valid under the terms given.

Yes. Though note that if you switch companies etc you may occasionaly need to get
them to sign extra paperwork dependning on their IP policy. Other than that, a
single assignment would work.

> This is a bit babblish, mostly because of a lack of knowledge on this
> area, but I think you get my point.
> Best wishes,
> Christoffer

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