Re: suggestion for managing clutter on the desktop

On Sun, 2004-08-01 at 07:36 -0700, Tristan Buckmaster com wrote:
> > 
> > Right click the handle on the tasklist.  Choose
> > Preferences.  Under
> > Window grouping, choose Always Group Windows.
> > 
> > -Rob
> Yes that does pretty much covers most of the
> functionality of my first panel applet that I
> described(except mine uses just icons and allows for
> the functionality of a gaim like applet to exist with
> all the other applications), but not of my second,
> which was my real point.  As I said in the email, my
> first panel applet was really nothing new.  It's the
> second planel applet which I find to be a more useful
> addition. 

The right-clicking the window list gives you the window manipulation

The desktop applet will show and hide all the windows on the desktop.

I think the Window selector applet suffices for some of point 2.  It
lists all the windows on the workspace, followed by all the windows on
all the workspaces.  Many distro put the window selector in the right
hand corner.  I prefer this arrangement:

[desktop] [window list] [panel notification] [workspace switcher] [Window selector]

The left corner is all or nothing, the right corner is any window I
wish.  The icon in the right corner changes to the active app when I
switch workspaces, telling me immediately what has focus.

I don't think the gaim applet is honoring the intent of the panel
notification applet--I can see it is running from the window list and
window selector, but it never tells me about what is happening to my
connections and conversations.

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