Re: GNOME 2.7/2.8 Proposed Schedule

On Sat, 2004-04-24 at 13:56 +1000, Jeff Waugh wrote:
> The Proposed Schedule is up on the 2.7 start page [1], and is accompanied by
> a BRAND NEW webcal version [2] for you to subscribe to in Evolution 1.5 (and
> various other calendar clients). The 2.7 start page also includes links to
> helpful information related to the release, such as module lists for each
> suite, testing guides, how to contact the release team, and so on...
>  [1]
>  [2] webcal://

Would it be useful to have a always-constant-url webcalendar? 

So that one could add it to Evolution once and it would always be on the
same url and be updated to whatever is happening in the release and
conference lands. Or whatever else people find important. "All Things
Gnome" -webcal would rule.

Just my thoughts - I love the webcal stuff, someone writes stuff down
once, and it shows up on everyones calendar without extra effort. Yum.


Tuomas Kuosmanen
<tigert ximian com>

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