Gnome File chooser complains


Just let me complain about the new gnome file chooser:

- it is mouse oriented:
  - files and directories should be searched going on by the list:
where is completion.. why not at least jump when pressed a letter to the
first file/directory beginning with that letter?
  - after founding the file, we press <ENTER> and nothing occurs. I
need to go there with the mouse, or go to the 'OK' button pressing tabs.

- to go up a directory is not intuitive, at least when we are at our
home and want to go up a level --> makes the user choose the disk and
press the home folder (one more click)

- The Add/Remove buttons are not easy to understand. Now I know what
they do because I've asked.

I hope this can help a better file chooser so most people can understand
its behaviour.

Kind regards,

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