Re: Translators (Re: State of the X clipboard, and perhaps a solution)

> Oh, and I would prefer a small set of apps with clipboard done right
> in every aspect to a huge pile of apps with broken clipboard (same
> for translators). So a completely new standard would be fine with me,
> even when it's only for core gnome apps (I'm sure it would be picked
> up by others soon enough).

I do agree with this. However, I have to wonder how much difficulty it
is for every app to build translators for every format it supports.

What about two translators for the same type that behave differently?
This works fine when you have a company like Be in the center dictating
things, but we don't. Example, what about two MP3 codecs for copying MP3
data. Which one gets used? We know there are a number out there...
commercial programs might want to provide there own.

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