Re: Desktop fade on logout

Someone mentioned on the list that it might be a good idea to move
metacity's reduced_resources key to /desktop/gnome/... so that all
programs can use it. So if someone sets it due to using gnome over the
network, or a similar case. it will disable all unnecessary 'eyecandy'.

On Thu, 2004-04-22 at 20:03, Michael Osborne wrote:
> We have been operating several small businesses using Gnome for several
> years now. We make heavy use of X-terminals and the fadeout "feature"
> has always been a problem in our environment. While it is OK if you are
> running a local session, it has a definate negative and highly
> noticeable impact on remote sessions. The less bandwidth, the higher the
> impact.
> Windows has a similar fadeout and I have experienced similar performance
> issues with it when using remoting tools such as VNC. At least on
> Windows, there were alternative logoff methods that avoided the fadeout.
> Under Gnome, this "feature" is not optional. It is wired into the
> gnome-session code. Why can this not be turned off? 
> Thank God Gnome is open source!. I was able to find and remove this
> feature from our system. Can a Gonf key be added to enable/disable the
> fadeout? Unfortunately, my C skills are not currently good enough that I
> can do this otherwise I would attach a patch. :)
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