Re: new menu spec in 2.6

Le mar 30/09/2003 à 03:54, Havoc Pennington a écrit :
>  - how to arrange the modules. I would like desktop-menu-tool 
>    and gnome-vfs backend to share the same code. We could add 
>    desktop-file-utils to GNOME but I'm not sure it makes that much 
>    sense. Maybe it's time for the old cut-and-paste.
>  - does anyone want to write a standalone menu editor GUI that
>    simply edits an arbitrary menu-spec-compliant XML file, 
>    rather than going through the VFS? Maybe this combined
>    with favorites would let us leave the VFS backend read-only.

I might have a solution here :

currently, we (MandrakeSoft) are using a patched version of Debian menu
system and our own menu editor (menudrake) which read/write menu using
the Debian menu format.

I really want to switch our new distro release to the XDG menu spec
since both GNOME and KDE have almost working XDG menu implementation. We
(Mandrakesoft) still want to support other WMs so we will probably need
a menu editor for those WM and a way to convert XDG menu to internal WM
format (something similar to Debian menu method)..

This will probably requires modification of MenuDrake to support
.desktop/VFS instead of "menu" file.

Why not use menudrake (probably a version with some Mdk enhancement
disabled) for that ?

ATM, MenuDrake requirement were to be desktop agnostic = it is written
only with glade 2.0/gtk 2.x (no libgnomeui/GConf/other GNOME platform
libs) dependency. I still need to switch it to TreeView (it still uses
GtkCTree subclass).

Comments are welcome..
Frederic Crozat <fcrozat mandrakesoft com>

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