Re: Panel Issues

On Fri, 2003-09-26 at 14:20, Jonathan A. Zdziarski wrote:
> I tried using a background to do it...didn't seem to take.  I'd love to
> hear how you do it.  I did in fact get the floating panels working.

I just read the gnome-devel-list before getting to this. So it looks
like you've got this worked out okay.

> Also, I tried shutting off "desktop is background" but it's still using
> it.  any ideas?

Did you install Gnome 2.4 in parallel to your Gnome 2.2? If so, I've
sometimes had problems with two copies of gconfd-2 running, and it's
kinda funny - you change an option in some preferences menu, wait a
couple of secs, and it magically turns back! 

> Finally, do you know how to change the login screen info?  I can't find 
> a "login screen" option anywhere, probably because the graphical login
> keeps crashing.

I can't help you here. Although I have most of gnome 2.4 compiled and
running from source, I'm still using the default gdm that came with my

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