Re: close button on terminal tabs

On Wed, 2003-09-24 at 01:59, Xavier Bestel wrote:
> Isn't there a bigger problem of sub-window management (I didn't say MDI)
> ? Each and every big app implement it's own tabbed windows (like galeon)
> or aggregated windows (like gimp) widget. I imagine this has been
> already flamed^Wdiscussed to death, but shouldn't there be an optional
> protocol for "subwindows" (placement, etc.) between toolkit and
> WM/pagers/etc. ? Or at least some well-thought toolkit helper ?
> Having a specific inconsistent behavior for each application isn't that
> pretty.

Sure. We want a "main document window" widget for GTK 2.6 and this would
be part of it - currently lacking a volunteer to implement it, though.


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