Re: spatial stuff detail

On 9/23/03 1:15 PM, Hongli Lai wrote:
> But then AppFolders won't work well in Linux. There are lots of users
> who will launch the app from the commandline, or from a file manager
> that doesn't support "AppFolder installation".

BBEdit, to give one example, ships with a command-line "bbedit" stub tool
that will simply launch BBEdit for you.  When you first run BBEdit, you are
given the option to install it in /usr/local/bin.  Then you can just set
EDITOR to "bbedit" or type "bbedit foo.c" from the command line or whatever.

Beyond that, there's the "open" command that I posted some examples of

As for file managers not supporting bundled apps: don't use those ;)  But if
you come up with a good standard, then you can start building a foundation
of "compatible" file manager applications.  "Progress", I think they call
it... ;)


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