Re: spatial stuff detail

On 9/23/03 8:24 AM, Shaun McCance wrote:
> OS X doesn't have a central help system

Sure it does:

> or a central configuration system

That depends on how you define "central configuration system."  All user
configuration is under ~/Library, 90% of the time in the form of standard
XML property list ("plist") files.  There are simple APIs in the system for
reading and writing these, accessible from Carbon, Cocoa, and plain old C

> and they don't put get the applications in the path

No, but that doesn't mean there's not an equivalent mechanism:

    % open -a BBEdit README

Or, if you want to use application bindings as-is, just:

    % open foo.txt

You can even do:

    % open .

To open a Finder window on a particular dir.

> so we clearly can't look to them for solutions.

Yes, "clearly" ;)


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