Re: spatial stuff detail

Am 21.09.2003 16:41:47 schrieb(en) Sean Middleditch:

In order to make this work *really* well, we'd need a lot more than
GNOME supporting it.  Apps/utilities installed this way would need to
found by the shell,

ROX has patch for bash which let's the shell find appdirs.

documentation by the 'info' command and other
documentation browsers, etc.

man and info belong to the commandline. Applications come with HTML or SGML documentation. And if they don't (which speaks grossly against the developer), they can be easily converted. A non-issue. Scrollkeeper is evil btw. If you really feel the need to index the documentation of your applications, swish++ or the like are much better than this single-point-of-failure install-time madness.

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