Re: Nautilus 2.6 - We're going all spatial

Seth Nickell <seth gnome org>:
> 2) Almost anybody who's noisy is an enthusiast. You are assuming just
> because 1000 people complained this indicates that pretty much all your
> population loves navigation model. But you have major self-selection
> bias: the people who complain are both technically proficient and
> they're more apt to say something because they were not . Pavel was
> probably right not to cave just because a bunch of people made noise.

I don't know if that counts, but OS/2 used the OO file manager. When
Windows 95 (or 98, I can't remember) with a Navigational file manager,
almost everyone in our user group complained about that. 

And I'm still looking for a file manager that works like OS/2, because
it still seems to make more sense than browse file like you are in a web

Julio Biason <slow cscience org>
DeadBrainCells Software Development Inc

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