Re: UnAnswered questions about spatial switch

On Tue, 16 Sep 2003, Fabian Deutsch wrote:

> Am Die, 2003-09-16 um 17.45 schrieb Andrew Coulam:
> >
> > --------------------------------
> > | Open Folder                   |
> > | Open Folder in Same Window    |
> > | Move Folder to Trash          |
> > --------------------------------

Of course, the sane direct manipulation approach to trashing a folder, is
to just drag it to the trash can. :-)

> What about modifiers like alt or strg or the middle-mousebutton

[ Note to non-German readers: the German keyboard layout has 'Strg' keys
instead of 'Ctrl'.  ]

I don't think we want to overload the middle mouse button too much.
Modifiers would be acceptable to me (in addition to context menus)  but it
would need to be discussed which modifier to use for what action.


Reinout van Schouwen			Artificial Intelligence student
email: reinout cs vu nl			mobile phone: lost / kwijt! :-(

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