Re: Volume handling proposal

On Wed, 2003-09-17 at 15:15, Alexander Larsson wrote:
> > 	rocks :-) it's great to have some thorough thinking on these issues.
> > There is one situation I hadn't thought much about before installing an
> > LTSP cluster-thing, and that's remote floppy drives - apparently mtools
> > + floppyd has some support for this.
> floppyd? WTH!? /me goes to google

	Search for 'ltsp floppy mtools' or somesuch.

> How does remote floppies work anyway, which computer do you stick the
> floppy in?

	Using old/knackered Intel boxes as ~thin clients works really well
using (eg. LTSP), but of course, the user doesn't know it's a thin
client and that to save to floppy he has to get into the locked room
with the server in it ;-) - he wants to just ram a floppy in the box in
front of him and for it to save to it - at least; that's the thinking I
think. Not looked into the security issues of this - prolly horrific ;-)

	Of course - the server has a floppy in it typically too - but you'd
rather have the desktop show some sort of mtoolized link to the local
~thin-client floppy drive.

	FWIW: KDE has a floppy:// VFS backend, that uses mtools - which seems
fairly sensible, which I plan (on the back-burner) to replicate for
Gnome VFS when I get time.

	That's the idea anyhow,



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