Re: Nautilus 2.6 - We're going all spatial

On Tuesday, September 16, 2003, at 01:14  am, Ettore Perazzoli wrote:

Then it would be nice to have at least some proof that those users are a
minority.  As far as I can see, the overwhelming majority of computer
users out there very happily uses the navigation model.

Even better, Windows and Mac used to have an OO model, and both switched
to a navigation model.  Did they do that just for fun or was it a
horrible mistake?  (And if so, why aren't they fixing it?)

As Seth pointed out, Windows never really had a true spatial model for Explorer at all. It was always a weird mix of many things with very little apparent thought put into the mechanics of it.

As for Mac OS X, the loss of the spatial Finder from previous versions of the OS is probably the most frequently heard complaint amongst Mac pundits and users. I have heard many many many old time users complain endlessly about the death of the original spatial Finder and the only people I have seen who say they like it better are new users to the platform who came from Windows or Linux.

To make matters more interesting, Apple is actually adding spatial support back in for Mac OS 10.3 Panther. They are, in fact, doing basically what is being suggested here, except that the navigation model will still be the default. One click of a button or so and you will be back in a spatial one-to-one Finder.

So I don't think it would be appropriate to assume that any serious HIC testing was involved in the choice to get rid of the old spatial Finder and replace it with the weird NeXT/Finder hybrid we have now.

Oh, btw, one of the ways that the old Mac Finder made spatial easier for more advanced users was the inclusion of the tree view. You could open one window at the root level of the drive that was in tree view and see the contents of the entire drive. It unfolded to even include the files in the various folders. When you would double click on any of the folders though, it would open in its own window, and close the expanded view in the Finder window in tree view mode. This way the spatial model was still being followed, while allowing a more advanced view of the filesystem. Could be a useful thing to have in Nautilus, and less likely to be patented then spring-loaded folders.


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