Re: Nautilus 2.6 - We're going all spatial

Seth Nickell wrote:
On Mon, 2003-09-15 at 13:10, Ettore Perazzoli wrote:

     * You are actually making the Nautilus model more complicated (not
       simpler) by exposing the user to two completely different kinds
       of windows, for "object" and "navigation" purposes.  This seems
       to defeat the basic premise of making the model easier to learn.

It makes the Nautilus model more complicated for users who choose to
work through the navigator.

In all fairness, you should add this sentence at the end of the "disclaimer" paragraph of your initial message/post on gnomedesktop ("I want to emphasize that we are not removing the navigation window" etc.), so that the average user/tester knows there will be a (somewhat painful) trade-off.

FWIW, I fully agree with Ettore: I see only trouble in merging two very different metaphors in the same app, besides if they have to be very different (to quote A. Larsson: "The navigation model window must clearly be something "different", that is used by users who understands/prefer that model"), why don't you go for two different applications? i.e.:

- a full OO file manager;
- a full "Navigator" app, to browse folders and web pages alike.

You only have to strip Nautilus of all Navigation stuff (which would probably help in making it faster, as an OO file manager should be) and add all that's missing to Epiphany (/me runs fast to dodge Marco's bullets ;)))



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