Re: spatial stuff detail

I raised my opinion about this some mins ago in the #gnome channel and
talked with you a bit. It would be pretty nice to follow the old Amiga
approach in this thing. E.g. the way how objects are being handled and
so on. I therefore like to point to a few links:


Ok please ignore the Themes if you do not like them. This is not my
point. My point is to have a similar way of file management with
Nautilus. From conversation with you, you seem to have a realy
close/similar approach with Nautilus and I really hope that this is done
correctly and not sucky.

If you like to test this stuff yourself then I recommend to install UAE
or AROS and play around with the stuff for a while. This idea is really
an old idea (going back nearly 20 years in Amiga times) but it's a cool
idea and I welcome to see Nautilus to do equal stuff. E.g. in object
mode with selecting icons or in listview mode or however. What really
needs to be done is to remove a lot of clutter from Nautilus it's still
too huge (in source).


Ali Akcaagac

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