Re: currupt icons in new gnome 2.4

On Sunday 14 September 2003 06:54, Alan wrote:
> Hey folks.  Just got gnome 2.4 installed on my gentoo system and I must
> say, fantastic job!  The only thing I've come across that is making
> things less than usable right now is that in nautilus, both on the
> desktop and in windows, I am seeing strange icon curruptiong, with icons
> seeming to swap between each other and flashing back between normal and
> a strange combination of themselves and other icons.  I have a
> screenshot at:
> Bugzilla doesn't seem to sport any information, and while I'm going to
> assume it's something specific to my compile, any clues as to how to fix
> would be most appreciated.

I heard this is a bug in GTK+ 2.2.2 (is that what you're using?). Try 
upgrading to 2.2.4.

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