Re: Temujin

Sorry, just my $.02 about great state leaders. 

It is a long tradition to name something after them. The great Russian
tzar Peter the Great shed a lot of blood of his own people (sure, he
really had to do it to recover Russia from the state it was in) - and we
got at least one military ship named after him. Many Russian people like
the cognak "Napoleon" - despite all the hatred Russians had about
Buonaparte. Virtually all the great state leaders in history shed the
blood (see Machiavelli for reasoning) - but that did not make them any
less great (or even increase their fame, sorry for cynicism).

I know, it is a pity, but I am ready to think that in 50-100 years, when
all the people who fought in WWII pass, it will be not criminal (as it
is now, and for the good reason) to call something "Adolf Hitler".
People forget.

BTW, IIRC there was a disco band "Jinghiz Khan" in 80th. And I did not
hear anyone making any direct associations between the band name and
that big fellow.

IMHO, it is perfectly ok to name release after any person who lived (and
died) more than 100-200 years ago. The important thing is the feelings
of living people (sure, they are difficult to estimate - there is always
someone who feels personal hatred to Brutus for his betrayal). 

Well, I can easily be biased since my origins are 50% tartars:)


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