Vietnamese is also supported as of today

Vietnamese was just a bit late for the grand release of Gnome 2.4.0, so I'm wondering if I should update rni18n.xml file and if release notes will be updated. It's quite possible that they shouldn't be, because those translations are not included in released tarballs, but the thing is that Vietnamese was at 79.75% yesterday (so close, and so far away :).

That means that Gnome 2.4 is supported in 30 languages, and there are another 12 partially supported (more than 50% of translations).

Btw, if you need more motives to update release notes, there's another typo Jordi (Oskuro on #gnome) failed to notice -- rndocs and "Learn to how to" :-)

If you wish, I may fix that too, and then you could regenerate the pages. Would that be okay with you, the release team (and others of course)?


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