Re: [Fwd: [Bug 121902] New - /usr/lib/locale vs. /usr/share/locale]

On Wed, 2003-09-10 at 19:54, Jeff Waugh wrote:
> <quote who="Jaka Mocnik">
> > as this is a pending problem with 2.4.0 tarball, I'd appreciate an answer
> > asap.
> It looks like we may be making some time for these fixes. But the release is
> TODAY, so it needs to happen pretty quickly. Modules affected (at least what
> we've found so far):
I'm glad to see that sanity invaded your mind now that stakes are

>   file-roller
>   ggv
>   metacity
>   nautilus-media
>   gnome-terminal (most likely)
ghex is probably among them as well since it got tarballed on the same
system as ggv (but ghex is part of the 5th toe packages, I think, making
it less critical than ggv...).

it seems to me that these modules only need bumping the version to and redoing a make distcheck on a system with proper
installation of glib i18n tools!

I'm uploading ggv and ghex to as I type this
message, so those two have been taken care of.

now is there a simple way to test packages against this nasty bug
without actually building them? I expect there will be more of this
happening unless we check the packages NOW and 2.4 might end up a rather
unprofessional looking release...



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