Re: build order for gnome 2.4 beta/rc releases

On Wed, 2003-09-10 at 10:30, Guntupalli Karunakar wrote:
> Is there any doc specifying build order for Gnome 2.4 releases ?

Well, the recommended way to get GNOME 2.4 is waiting for released RPM's
of DEB's for your distro which is less of a pain. But you can build from
Tarballs (Source Code) as well and the recommended way for this are
getting back at already offered solutions e.g. Building Systems which
have been tested throughly for a couple of years with great success and

I would like to recommend you to try:

CVSGnome -

Which is able to build from released Tarballs or CVS. Further quick
installation information can be found on that site:

More Instructions and FAQ can be found inside the script. German
documentation can be found on the official german GNOME site:

As soon as GNOME 2.4 is out you can expect it to support it. Further
good ways to install GNOME is JHBuild, V-B-S and YAGNOBS. In case you
want to go the pain manually you can extract the exact buildorder from
CVSGnome by entering 'modules' in it's prompt. It will tell you the
exact buildorder. By the way, you can use CVSGnome as wrapper to build
other GTK+/GNOME applications as you wish and you have the possibility
to burn released Tarballs together with this script on a CD-Rom and have
it compile and install straight from CD-Rom

> how different is it from 2.2 one.

Not much besider that you don't need to compile linc and
bonobo-activation anymore.

friendly regards,

Ali Akcaagac

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