Re: Broken po files

El mié, 10-09-2003 a las 02:43, Malcolm Tredinnick escribió:

> As far as Scrollkeeper goes, it is intentional that we are not forcing
> everybody to use UTF-8 when creating their translations.
> Somebody is going to have to explain to me where the breakage is here,
> since I do not see what is going wrong: translated strings are not piped
> directly to applications, they go via an XML file with valid encodings.
> Internally, we are not calling bind_textdomain_codeset(..., "UTF-8") or
> anything like that, so things work consistently under the covers as
> well.

If the .po strings are only for .xml files, there is not problem (as far
as I know about it)

> Scrollkeeper has to work in areas where the native encoding is not
> UTF-8, so we have striven to keep it portable in this fashion.
> Are you sure this is not just a mistaken over-generalisation from the
> fact that GNOME applications all use UTF-8 under the covers to ease
> things like GTK+ integration? Scrollkeeper does not have that
> requirement.

Glib and Gtk >= 2.0 needs only UTF-8 strings and the problem is when you
have an old libc version (I don't remember the release when this
changed). With old glibc, if you use nonUTF-8 .po files, all
application's strings will be nonUTF-8 a then, gtk/glib will give you
lots of warnings/errors and you will have problems with your
application. With the a recent glibc, the library recode the .po file
directly to your own locale encoding so you need the 
bind_textdomain_codeset(..., "UTF-8") call to prevent that it use
nonUTF-8 encoding if you are using, for example, es_ES.ISO-8859-15 as
your locale.

> I am going to be making a scrollkeeper release in about 12 hours, so if
> somebody can point out a legitimate problem, I will fix it.

I don't know if scrollkeeper will have a problem when it's not using
UTF-8 .po files. I know that you will have problems if you are using
glib/gtk function calls. If you only use it to translate .xml files, I
think that it's an issue that should not affect you.


> Cheers,
> Malcolm
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