Re: GTK unlock dialog for Xscreensaver

El lun, 08-09-2003 a las 21:14, Rob Adams escribió:
> Perhaps the time has come to do a gnome-screensaver project, perhaps a
> fork of xscreensaver.  xscreensaver is something of a black sheep in the
> gnome desktop, and it would be very nice if we could come up with
> something more in line with the goals of the gnome desktop.  It would
> also free us to do things like the gdm/xscreensaver integration, which I
> think has the potential to be very cool.  It could also avoid the
> duplication of power management/blanking configuration in gdm and
> xscreensaver.

To be able to do a fork, you need someone that will maintain and extend
the new project always (not just after the fork, but years after it). Of
course, you should start doing that integration with xscreensaver and
send those patches to Jamie and if he does not like that functionality,
then you should start thinking on fork, but you first should try to work
with Jamie.


> -Rob


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