<quote who="Kevin Vandersloot">

> > Does it break reasonably gracefully? If it does, I'd lean towards
> > shipping with the bug, and a note about it in our release notes. Then it
> > can be fixed up for 2.4.1 without too much churn.
> Absoulutely not ;) It doesn't display any data at all, so it's pretty much
> useless right now.

(Sheeeeesh, what am I doing? I have it right here in front of me... Must be
falling into release delerium or something...) So it just scrolls a message
saying that it can't pull any data down, which seems graceful enough to me.
(By graceful I mean "doesn't crash, destroy hardware or throw emotionally
scarring insults at the user").

I would be okay with it going out like this, with a mention in the "known
issues" section of our release notes, with a fix for 2.4.1 (probably earlier
in "tarball available" terms).

Release dudes?

- Jeff

-- 2004: Adelaide, Australia
          "And up in the corporate box there's a group of pleasant
   thirtysomething guys making tuneful music for the masses of people who
    can spell 'nihilism', but don't want to listen to it in the car." -
                            Richard Jinman, SMH

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