Re: PATCH for 2.4.0: Correct default panel size

Hi Mark,
	I don't want this to go in close to the release. At this stage, I'm
pretty happy to leave it there for now and see what feedback we get.

	Thanks for doing the patch, though :-)


On Sat, 2003-09-06 at 02:19, Mark Finlay wrote:
> Bug:
> I know that it is very late in the release process but I think that this
> should be corrected and it isn't even a code change.
> The issue is that when you created a new user in 2.2 the panel would
> default to 24px but in 2.4 it defaults to 32px. Mark told me that the
> reason he did this was because he thought that the panels were always 32
> because of a bug which added 6px padding to the panel. I've never seen
> this bug myself and for me the default panel config always consisted of
> 24px panels. I'm pretty sure that Mark said it was ok to change it back,
> but it was on IRC so I'm ccing him (and the other two listed in the
> MAINTAINERS file) just to be doubly sure. And of course the release
> team.
> I know it's a stupid little thing, but I specialise in those....
> Ps. I know I attached the patch twice - evolution is being bold and wont
> let me delete one.

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