Re: PATCH for 2.4.0: Correct default panel size

<quote who="Luis Villa">

> But we let something slip through that changing for the worse how we
> look to each of our new users. So we have to (IMHO) suck it up.

I mailed another poster about this off-list to spell it out earlier. It's
fairly likely that:

  a) distros will change this anyway, and most users - especially new users
     - use distro-modified versions of GNOME

  b) the fix will be in 2.4.1, which will most likely be within a month

  c) most building-from-source users won't be horribly alarmed by a mere 12
     pixels (though they might have a propsensity to whine)

  d) an enormous proportion of our non-new users will be upgrading from 2.2
     anyway, so won't see this at all

It is *not acceptable* to break the freeze between release candidate and
final for a demonstrably low-impact aesthetic issue, and we should not get
into a habit of allowing these breakages.

- Jeff

-- 2004: Adelaide, Australia
            o/~ we all live in a yellow subroutine o/~ - auspex

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