Re: [Patch] A clipboard daemon for gnome-settings-daemon

On Sam, 2003-09-06 at 09:14, Hongli Lai wrote:

> If an application puts more than 1 MB of data in the clipboard then either 
> that application is broken or the user is doing something wrong. Either way, 
> the clipboard daemon is not at fault.

As a user, I'm genuinely interested in an explanation of why I'm doing
something wrong and how I am supposed to know. In Windows, never ever
has an app or a clipboard daemon said to me "Bzzzt. Wrong. You copied
too much data to the clipboard." What it has done is ask me, when I exit
an app, "Hey, you have copied a lot of data from that app to the
clipboard. Do you want that to be available after the app exits?". If 1
MB of data is too much for the Gnome clipboard daemon, will it tell me
so when I try to copy 20 MB and explain it to me? I ask because when I
read "when the user does this, app x is not at fault" it usually means
the user is left in the dark and on his own (he should /know/ what he
does is stupid, shouldn't he), and I don't believe that fits to Gnome's

I use huge clipboards all the time: I will copy 80 slides in PowerPoint
and paste it into another file. I will copy a pic in Photoshop and paste
it into Word. Whatever. I will do this, because it's faster than saving
it and use "Insert Image" in Word. I have 512 MB of RAM, why shouldn't I
sacrifice 50 of them for the clipboard if it saves me 20 secs and a
couple of clicks and does not hurt me in any way?

Kind regards, Mario

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