Re: GtkFileChooser API work

On Wed, 2003-09-03 at 09:36, Brian Cameron wrote:
> One thing that I think would be useful would be to allow the
> programatic specification of which directories can be accessed
> via the GtkFileChooser dialog.

It's great that you bring this up, because we'll really need this
feature if GNOME 2.6 is going to have lock-down features.

If users are only allowed to open/save files in a few directories, we
could make the directory bookmarks list the canonical list of valid
places.  Then we could have

	gboolean gtk_file_system_get_restrict_to_bookmarks (fs);

E.g. this would be exported by the GtkFileSystem interface.  The file
chooser would pay attention to this and let the user select files only
from the bookmark directories if the function returns TRUE.  The file
chooser would then not include an "Up" button and probably not support
editing the bookmarks list.

Let's say we restrict the user to a small set of directories.  Do we
want him to be able to create subdirectories under those?


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