Big l10n bug in yelp

Patch is very quick and dirty, but I hope someone will apply before 2.4

If don't, you can't use "Prev" and "Next" links when browsing translated
manuals. Obviously Italian translation.

Think bigger

			My uncle
diff -Naur yelp/stylesheets/l10n.xml yelp-fixed/stylesheets/l10n.xml
--- yelp/stylesheets/l10n.xml	2003-09-04 13:07:36.000000000 +0200
+++ yelp-fixed/stylesheets/l10n.xml	2003-09-04 13:08:04.000000000 +0200
@@ -110,13 +110,18 @@
   <l:gentext key="Title" text="Titolo"/>
   <l:gentext key="Author" text="Autore"/>
   <l:gentext key="Authors" text="Autori"/>
-  <l:gentext key="Affiliation" text="Organizzazione"/>  
+  <l:gentext key="Affiliation" text="Organizzazione"/>
+  <l:gentext key="History" text="Versioni"/>
   <l:gentext key="Email" text="Email"/>  
   <l:gentext key="Publisher" text="Editore"/>
   <l:gentext key="Date" text="Data"/>
+  <l:gentext key="Next" text="Successivo"/>
+  <l:gentext key="Previous" text="Precedente"/>
+  <l:gentext key="Contents" text="Sommario"/>
   <l:context name="title">
-   <l:template name="bookinfo" text="Informazioni su questo documento"/>
-   <l:template name="articleinfo" text="Informazioni su questo documento"/>
+   <l:template name="bookinfo" text="Informazioni sul documento"/>
+   <l:template name="articleinfo" text="Informazioni sul documento"/>

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