Mount point detection [was: Re: GtkFileChooser API work]

El mar, 02-09-2003 a las 09:57, Alexander Larsson escribió:

> > And do we need a way to set a default list of directories?  Can we
> > just populate the immutable part of the list from a few well-known
> > locations like ~, ~/Desktop, removable volumes, etc.?
> Regarding the immutable part here and removable volumes in particular.
> This should probably be at least partly synchronized with the nautilus
> tree sidebar. At some point this means sharing the code that does volume
> scanning and mount detection. This part of nautilus is horrible, and
> could do well with a rewrite, perhaps pushing it to a lower level so
> that gnome apps could use it in the file selector.

Perhaps we could do something like the Apple's autodiskmount[1] daemon?

We could use DBUS as the notification protocol, this way we could share
the removable volume notification between GNOME, KDE, XFCE or any other
application that could need it.


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