Repost: does anyone care about gdk-pixbuf 0.x?


I posted this on Aug 20 but got no replies.  Does anyone still care
about gdk-pixbuf 0.x?  The latest released version is 0.22.1, from
February 28, 2003.

There is a number of open bugs against gdk-pixbuf 0.x which are of the
form "backport loader changes from GTK+ 2.2.x".  I don't think any major
projects depend on the stand-alone gdk-pixbuf-0.x series anymore. 
Merging changes from GTK+ takes a long time and it may not be worthwhile
these days.

Would anyone mind if I put in THIS_MODULE_IS_DEAD in the stand-alone
version of GDK_PIXBUF and marked those bugs as WONTFIX?

Please don't complain if you are developing a non-public application
that still uses GTK+ 1.2.  In that case, you get to maintain all the
stuff yourself, anyways :)


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