Re: [Usability] Re: Making GNOME documentation suitable for different distros.

On Thu, 2003-10-16 at 06:12, Shaun McCance wrote:
> Maybe I'm missing some catch.  With a lot of these technologies, you
> only begin to see the problems when you start pushing them to their
> limits.  I'll admit I haven't used XInclude in anything really taxing,
> so if it starts to break down somewhere, I wouldn't know.

It might be that what you are missing is that there are two distinct,
very different uses of entities being talked about.
(1) including whole files or other resources
(2) using entities as string replacement macros, like #define in C.

<!ENTITY companyname "Barefoot Computing">
[. . .]
<p>Welcome to &companyName;'s Web site!</p>

In this 2nd use, xinclude can't always be used -- simple example:
<img href="&iconLocation;/filechooser.png" />

(you can't use xinclude to substitute within an attribute value).

Someone mentioned using fragment identifiers with XInclude; I should
also point out that the XInclude draft is likely to change and may well
deprecate the use of fragment identifiers,  possibly moving them to
a separate attribute.

At any rate, I hope this clarifies things... the idea I saw here for
customising help files was to generate a set of entity definitions
for strings such as menu names, which could both be translated easily
and also easily used by authors in documents.



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