Re: tasklist_applet 1.4 in RedHat7.2/7.3 versus WindowList-applet 2.2 in RedHat9

Screenshots would really clearify this

On Fri, 2003-10-17 at 15:55, John Lumby wrote:
> Firstly, I apologise for appending this here as I guess it belongs elsewhere 
> but gnome has a lot of lists and I don't know my way around ...
> I recently upgraded two machines from RedHat 7.2/7.3 to RedHat9.    One big 
> change for me was the tasklist applet .   On RedHat7 this was called the 
> Gnome Tasklist applet at version     On RedHat9 this has been 
> replaced by a rather different applet called Window List applet     
> For a number of reasons I much prefer the old Tasklist, and find the 
> WindowList almost unusable.     I can explain why if anyone is interested, 
> but, briefly, it concerns the smaller, lower-contrast bitmap icons.    This 
> single change is preventing me from upgrading and I have had to revert  back 
> to RedHat7.   My question is, is it at all possible to download and install 
> the TaskList onto my RedHat9 system?      I have looked at the Gnome 
> Site's "Software Map" web pages hoping I would find one or both of these but 
> don't see either of them anywhere to my surprise.     Just FYI, although 
> this is probably not relevant, on my systems,
>     on RH7,     TaskList is part of the gnome-core- rpm
>     on RH9       I am not even sure exactly what WindwoList is part of, but 
> at least some it it is in gnome-panel- rpm
> Any help on this really appreciated.
> John
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